Richard Nailder And Indica Young

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Indica Young looked over at me like I was insane for desiring to video her fucking me but with a little coaxing, the short Colorado Teenager was sure to be riding my erection with the cameras running so that all of you could enjoy watching this stunning short teenager being stuffed with fat erection and swallowing adorable sticky  semen. Look at the wet lips of this stunning teenager, hell, that alone should get start the faint tingeing in the tip of your erection that is the start of any good sex encounter. And a sex encounter with this stunning teenager mom will leave a smile on your face and your balls drained – I was looking misbehaving to it ;-)

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Indica Young and Richard Nailder

Just knowing that I would soon feel the wetness of her teenager cunt wrapping itself around my erection brought it to a full erection – and hell, I’m almost 50 so that’s an achievement on it’s own. But then again, I’ve fucked this little teenager mom before and I know how terrific her little cunt feels so of course I was excited.I also knew that Indica gives one of the best blowjobs a man could ever wish for so before I started hammering away at her shaved little cunt, I wanted this cute Colorado Girl to suck my erection like only she know how.  After a good erection-sucking, I fucked her as hard as an old man can and then filled the little bitch’s mouth with a whopping load of warm semen.

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Indica Young Swallows My semen

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Coed Booty – Bald Cunt – Aerynn Black

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Spread her round ass cheeks and ram your dick deep into her wet coed cunt. Now that’s what I’m talking bout – gorgeous coed sluts with over-sized round booty and clean shaved pussies. Aerynn is just one of the gorgeous teens with a firm round ass that you’ll find on Glass Mannequin – in fact, as far as unblemished asses go, these guys know their stuff. The good part is none of these teens are worn out smut stars looking for another gig…. all the teenagers on Glass Mannequin are real amateurs – never before seen on the internet. And ll the Glass Mannequin girls know how to get mischievous. Click on the image to see a free smut site dedicated to the round booty and bald cunt teenagers of Glass Mannequin.

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Slammin That coed Booty

Actually that’s a pretty over-sized dick being rammed into Aerynn’s tight little cunt – but that babe has such a huge firm ass that it makes it like a bit smaller. Ah, what the hell, I was looking at her ass anyway.  In the next pic, I give you a little better look at this gorgeous coed’s shave cunt. What a unblemished little cunt for fucking. You can see the entire scene right now by visiting Glass Mannequin or you can click on the picture for a little teaser.

Fuck That Bald Teen Pussy

Fuck That Bald coed Pussy

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My Perverted Neighbor Teens

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Welcome to my Neighborhood. First let me say that It’s good to be Mister Richard ;-) – and it’s superb to be Mr Richard when the neighbor hood is as slutty as his is.

It wasn’t too long ago that Holie and Meysha were playing in Mister Richard’s pretty tub. When Mister Richard came out and caught them being a tad naughty, Mister Richard decided to join them. Holie was ready for a little erection but poor little Meysha had that deer-in-the-headlight look as she watched. Since it was obvious that not all the babes in the neighborhood are ready to be porno stars, Mister Richard handed Meysha a camera and let her film him fucking her best friend Holie.

Meysha stayed nervous – and it didn’t help any that slender Holie likes to be fucked HARD! And of course Mister Richard obliged her. So pay attention now and see how Mister Richard slides his erection into Holie’s tight little cunt. Then watch carefully as he hammers her hard as her girlfriend watches – Mister Richard is a sick fucker – he likes to fuck teens hard and fast – tell Mister Richard that he’s been a bad boy……… Tell Mister Richard that YOU hunger for to be his neighbor!

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Mister Richard put the entire scene of him fucking Holie on his website for your viewing pleasure – be sure to check it out – and don’t forget the lube – you don’t hunger for to get blisters on your tender little erection.

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Teen Masturbation – Anistaija And Her Glass Toy

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Anistaija loves fucking herself with sex toys and she always wanted to try the “Glass Mannequin” glass sex-toy so when she stopped by one night, we talked he into doing a solo masturbation show for all the guys in the attractive tub in my back yard. In this clip, you can see how tight her little cunt is as she pushes the mannequin-shaped dildo into her little little cunt. In fact, it makes one wonder what it would feel like to slide your penis into such a tiny little pussy. If you like this clip, you can see more of the petite coed Anistaija on Glass Mannequin.

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Making Violet Jizz

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There are few things that make my week better than getting a visit from my perverted little neighbor coed – the beautiful young mom Violet Little. This 4? 11? small young mom is one of the most beautiful teens in my neighborhood and just the thought of her sucking on my throbbing old pecker gets me all fucking hard. On this visit, Violet had just broke up with her boy friend and was in need of a good fuck and she wasted no tome at all dragging me to the bedroom. Within minutes this beautiful teen was slobbering all over my pecker. Soon she had my pecker buried between her big teen titties and was giving me one of the best titty-fucks I have ever had.

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Violet Titty Fucks Me

But we’re not here for a titty fuck  we came to watch little Violet sperm – and this little teen loves to sperm…….  Besides, I wanted to feel her wet little cunt on my throbbing pecker so I put the little hussy on top and let her do her thing. To be honest, it was real hard for me not to sperm right away when little Violet slid down on my pecker and started riding me like a cowboy on a wild bronc – but then it was my job to get this little teen to sperm first so I held back as she started to work my throbbing pecker like a pro.

Violet Lowers Herself Onto My Cock

Violet Lowers Herself Onto My Cock

Violet soon picked up the tempo and was soon fucking me so hard I thought I was going to fill her tight little cunt with my beautiful sperm before she was ready – but somehow I managed to hold back.  Then the little cunt arched her back, held her breath, rolled her eyes, and came all in a big shuddering orgasm…..

Violet Gets Close

Violet Gets Close To Orgasm


Violet Holds her Breath

Violet Rolls her Eyes, Cums, And Collapses On Me

Violet Rolls her Eyes and Cums Before Collapsing On Me

You can see the full-length scene on my web site = Glass Mannequin – enjoy :-)

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